Unit testing

Python-sdbus provides several utilities to enable unit testing.

class sdbus.unittest.IsolatedDbusTestCase

Extension of unittest.IsolatedAsyncioTestCase from standard library.

Creates an isolated instance of session D-Bus. The D-Bus will be closed and cleaned up after tests are finished.

Requires dbus-daemon executable be installed.

bus: SdBus

Bus instance connected to isolated D-Bus environment.

It is also set as a default bus.

Usage example:

from sdbus import DbusInterfaceCommonAsync, dbus_method_async
from sdbus.unittest import IsolatedDbusTestCase

class TestInterface(DbusInterfaceCommonAsync,

    @dbus_method_async("s", "s")
    async def upper(self, string: str) -> str:
        """Uppercase the input"""
        return string.upper()

def initialize_object() -> Tuple[TestInterface, TestInterface]:
    test_object = TestInterface()

    test_object_connection = TestInterface.new_proxy(
    "org.example.test", '/')

    return test_object, test_object_connection

class TestProxy(IsolatedDbusTestCase):
    async def asyncSetUp(self) -> None:
        await super().asyncSetUp()
        await self.bus.request_name_async("org.example.test", 0)

    async def test_method_kwargs(self) -> None:
        test_object, test_object_connection = initialize_object()

            await test_object_connection.upper('test'),